Document Organizer Software

More people are turning to document organizer software to store their records electronically. With digital files there’s no worry of paperwork degrading over time, digital files take up no space (except the room needed for a small hard drive) and they’re easily searchable with the right document storage system.

If you’re looking for a fast, easy and secure tax document organizer, or if you need to set up a small business document management system – an electronic filing system may be the answer.

Document Management Software

Document management software provides a way to both store and track electronic files and documents. This type of system can often keep track of different versions of documents and documents created by different users as well. This type of document organizer software can be a powerful way to keep track of business documents or workflow within a company, but it can also be a good way to store and organize personal documents for a household.

There are a lot of options available in this market so it can get confusing. Consider your needs, your budget and exactly how you will be using the software. Read reviews and ask friends and colleagues for suggestions as well.

Online Document Storage And Organization

SugarSync and Dropbox are two strong choices if you are looking for basic online document management. These services use cloud servers, meaning your data is stored remotely, but it is easily accessible to you from anywhere. You can install these applications on any of your mobile devices so you can access documents when you are at home, work or traveling. You can easily organize documents within these applications by using folders. Both of these services have a free version if you want to give them a try.

If you’ll be storing sensitive information (account numbers or social security numbers) in these document management software applications you will want to use additional encryption software to be safe. TrueCrypt is a great open source encryption software that can be used with these and other services to keep all of your information safe and secure.

Document and Receipt Scanner Software

While it’s possible to find document organizing software packages that can both scan and organize documents and receipts, ultimately few do both jobs well. Receipt scanners are extremely handy if you do extensive travel. However, few receipt scanners do well with large amounts of documentation that really require an automatic sheet feeder. The best electronic document organizer will likely include a combination of both. Depending on how you establish your document file structure you should be able to direct different document organization software programs to save your receipts in a shared location.

Document and Receipt Scanner With Software
NeatReceipts Professional Mobile Scanner and Software is one of the most well-known. This bundle is a mobile document scanner and document organizer software, aka digital filing system, combined. It makes quick work of scanning receipts and helps you organize them for easy access. Document organizer software reviews rank NeatReceipts pretty well. Most of the negative comments have to do with the scanners ability to pick up faded receipts, but some people have had software issues. Overall, the feedback is mostly positive and the software has many features that help store receipts and manage them in an organized way.

Other options for mobile document scanners and software include the Brother DS Mobile Scanner, Visioneer RoadWarrier, and Fujisu ScanSnap. The Brother DS Mobile Scanner has overall good reviews, a lower price and this scanner comes with software to help organize your documents; the main drawbacks include speed and level of detail with color documents and other occasional minor issues like not detecting a document is in scanner. The Fujisu has the best reviews scanning quickly and with good detail; the drawbacks to the Fujisu are the higher price and lack of document organizer software (although for some this may be a benefit).

These document scanners are portable which is extremely useful for business travelers. Instead of using a portable travel document organizer to keep your receipts, simply bring your scanner along with the electronic receipt organizer software loaded on your laptop. In the evenings you can simply scan your receipts at the hotel and expense reports will be a snap.

Document Software
If you want a software package that will help you with small business document management, consider Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat is the default when it comes to universal documents. Acrobat has many powerful features -– creating PDF files is just one of them. Acrobat also allows you to collaborate with others, store your documents in a secure way and also allows for things like electronic signatures.

Note: If you decide to switch over to an electronic filing system remember to back up your files regularly and keep the paper documents you already have stored in a traditional document organizer as a backup. While electronic files themselves don’t degrade it is possible to lose valuable information due to hardware failure or crashes. Be sure to do regular backups and store a backup copy off-site just to be safe.

Organizing PDF Files

If you’re looking for Adobe Acrobat PDF organizer software, there are a number of document organizer freeware products available. Mendeley is one of the better document management solutions for this purpose. It works much like a music list where you can sort by various document features. It is geared toward academic file management but it has some incredible features like batch editing, renaming, and collaborating with others. Even if you’re not an academic, it can work well to organize a large number of PDF files. It’s free, so it is easy to try as there is no commitment if you don’t like it.

Another great way to organize your PDF files is by using the document properties right within the file. You can add title, author, subject information as well as provide searchable keywords. For business applications, Acrobat also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Sharepoint which can act as a very effective document management center.

Getting Started With Your Document Organizer Software

If you are looking for a secure, easy way to keep track of tax information or other important documents – electronic systems are a good choice. Instead of cluttering your desk with a large desktop document organizer you can store your files electronically. Once your documents are scanned and filed they’re easy to find with just a few keystrokes.

One easy way to get started is to keep your old records in paper format and simply begin at a specified date with your electronic system. Once you’ve got the new system under control, you can decide if you want to go back and scan and organize your older documents. Once you begin using document organizer software to organize your documents electronically, you’ll wish you’d started sooner.